Loss Prevention Associates, Inc

Loss Prevention Associates is a nationwide leader in Security Consulting, Investigations, and Business Risk Services. We specialize in both personal and business investigation solutions that will reduce your losses or liability. In a complex world, Loss Prevention Associates provides answers and assurance. For years we have helped our clients safeguard their physical, financial and personal assets.

Loss Prevention Associates has expertise in investigations, pre-employment background screening, mystery dining or shopping, as well as other business and personal client solutions. Today Loss Prevention Associates offers corporations, small and independent business owners as well as individuals a full spectrum of value-added services to decrease risk and enhance success.

When clients need prompt, continued access to a variety of detailed, objective and confidential information, Loss Prevention Associates can provide them with a decisive advantage in the business world. Helping to safeguard the integrity of your business, our extensive worldwide investigative capabilities can provide your organization with sensitive data that may be difficult to obtain.

Loss Prevention Associates is a worldwide investigative firm, we have the depth of talent, knowledge, and expertise available for clients. As a client, you have access to a highly experienced pool of investigative, security and business professionals. Loss Prevention Associates have highly trained expert investigators.


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